Fog machine

1. Place machine on sturdy and level surface at least 2 ft. Off ground.

2. Unscrew cap on top and fill to line with fog juice
Note: DO NOT USE WATER, water will ruin the machine

3. Plug the machine into a grounded outlet. Plug the control unit into the back of the machine.

4. Turn the machine on. Allow 4 to 5 minutes for the machine to warm up. Note: The nozzle will be hot do not touch or allow to come in contact with flammable materials.

5. The RED button on the control unit must be depressed and the red light must be lit.

6. Push the green button to manually dispense fog. Push the yellow button to set timer. Ad-just knobs to regulate fog.

7. Allow machine to cool before transporting. Do not remove excess fog juice.

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