karaoke machine]

Connecting to a TV You can connect the Karaoke system to a TV or Monitor and see the words and images produced on the screen to follow along with.

1. Plug one end of the supplied cable into Video Out (yellow) and the other end into your TV's Video In jack Note: To broadcast the system's sound through your TV speakers, plug the two remaining (red & white) cables into the Aux out jack R & L

2. Plug the system in, put a CD in the player and press Play.

3. With the CD playing, locate the input on you TV Main Menu (usually on the remote control)

4. Scroll through the inputs until you find the correct connection. (Most TVs will have between 2 and 4 in-puts) Note: With the CD playing it will make it easier to recognize the correct input connection.

How to sing along

1. Turn power on (red light will be lit) and load a CD into the CD compartment.


3. Set the VOCAL CHANGER to on and set the AUDIO CHANNEL at VOCAL, to enjoy both the music and the singer's voice. Whenever you sing along the original singer's voice is cancelled. Note: Set the AUDIO CHANNEL to NORMAL, to enjoy a stereo effect with the music. Set the AUDIO CHANNEL to MUSIC, to enjoy the music without the original singer's voice.

4. Press PLAY/PAUSE, adjust MASTER VOLUME, plug in microphones and adjust MIC VOLUME.

5. Adjust ECHO if desired and enjoy!

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